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Monday, October 25, 2010

ShowDocument-Web Meeting and Document Sharing

This week would be our last week for posting, so for this week , we are going to introduce you to some Cloud Computing Applications. For this post we are introducing ShowDocument. We have mentioned about ShowDocument before in previous posts but have never gone into detail about it. So for this post, we will show you some screenshots and explain a little on what it does.

There are two major types of services provided, which is ShowDocument - Now and ShowDocument - In Site. ShowDocument - Now is real-time web meetings and online document sharing for personal and business users, whereas ShowDocument - InSite is for online documents sharing and web meetings for websites.

Here is the screenshot of ShowDocument:
Diagram 1.1: Screenshot of ShowDocument Homepage

(Screenshot from ShowDocument.com)

In the homepage of ShowDocuments.com, users can choose from 4 shortcut links to start the applications they want to use. Each shortcut launches a different application. Below are the screenshots of the launched applications and the descriptions for each shortcut :

Diagram 1.2: Screenshot of Quick Start launch

Quick Start : Launches another interactive window where users can select from a list of applications.

Diagram 1.3: Screenshot of Shared Documents launch

Shared Documents: Allows users to upload and share documents or files instantly.

Diagram 1.4: Screenshot of Shared Whiteboard Launch

Shared Whiteboard: Provides users with a real-time interactive whiteboard to exchange ideas with other users.

Diagram 1.5: Screenshot of Word/Text Shared Editor

Word/Text Shared Editor: Allows users to communicate or collaborate among each other by editing and modifying text files simultaneously.

There is also a My Documents section for users to upload files or documents and store them online and integrated chat features. These are the summary of the services provided in ShowDocument.com. ShowDocument provides free registration for users. Users can use the applications and services for free by just registering. Thus, with all the provided functions, it is suitable for both personal and also business uses. So what do you think about ShowDocument.com? Is there a better cloud computing website? For more information, please visit the official website -> ShowDocument


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